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BiArtis - certificate

BiArtis - certificate Among other protection features applied on each BiArtis model, the certificate is a personalized document containing all the information about the model and it is an indispensable element of authenticity. It is printed on a carefully chosen paper, and it includes:

01.A protective net in the form of a watermark
which extends over the entire surface of the document,
02. The appearance of the work of art applied to the model,
03. Serial number with the corresponding model number
04. Personalized code which is a combination of numbers
and letters generated according to a predetermined rule.

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 Certificate case – logo  Box – logo
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 Inside bag – handmade logo  Handbag – logo
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 Scarf – handmade logo  Scarfs – personalized gift
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biartis fabric Izjava o originalnosti proizvoda: Biartis je zaštićeno ime. Proizvodi s ovim zaštitnim znakom kontrolirane su kvalitete i porijekla. Biartis znak je zaštićen pri Državnom zavodu za intelektualno vlasništvo Republike Hrvatske. Isprava o žigu br.: Z20121607